9 thoughts on “Orion

    1. Manned Moon landings: 6
      Apollo 11, 12, 14 , 15, 16, 17
      Apollo 13 had problems (see movie of same name made by Ron Howard starring Tom Hanks, et al.)
      Manned orbits (or fly-bys) of Moon 8 … all of the above plus Apollo 8 and 10


  1. I’m with you cb. I remember the excitement of those times, the promise of a grand adventure in the name of humanity. I’m pleased something is happening again, though we have a Congress that traditionally scrimps and short-changes funding for the science and engineering necessary to complete the adventure. Little men and women in big jobs. I rate Congress a big 0.


    1. These are exciting times. Just as we now have both a commercial and government (military) aircraft industry, we are at the beginning of an expanded commercial and government (NASA) space industry.
      SpaceX, Boeing, LockheedMartin all have bothe internally and government funded space projects. We need to see commercially viable space operations, but NASA still needs to take the long term view on lunar, planetary, and other exploration.

      Don’t forget that there is a strong international commercial and government space presence. I for one do not want to loose the U.S. lead in this area.


      1. Yes, and I appreciate the many videos of these efforts you’ve posted! It is fun to see anything being done in space exploration. Now I have to live long enough to see those first pioneers step onto Martian soil! Could happen, eh!?


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