Summer Reruns

Or should I say “reblogs” …

The previous two posts are reblogs of earlier posts. Since I have many new followers, I have decided to reblog some of my earlier posts as the spirit moves me. I decided to do this when I saw a toddler leaving the restaurant in which I was eating dinner. The little girl was holding an iPhone. 

Kids growing up today have never known life without Google.

I grew up in the 60’s. For those of you younger than 40, try to imagine the following:

  • No HD television, no color television; I grew up with black & white TV
  • No satellite, cable, or digital television; just the standard analog network VHF channels 2 – 13 and the occasional independent UHF channel
  • No on-demand, no Roku, no Apple TV, no Netflix, no Hulu, no DVR, no DVD, no VHS; you watched what was on at the time or you waited for what you wanted to see to come on
  • No cell phone cameras, no digital cameras, no webcams, no camcorders; both still and movie cameras used film that needed to be developed before you could see the results
  • No Internet, satellite, or digital radio, no FM radio; only AM radio
  • No iTunes, no iPods, no MP3 players, no play lists, no CD players, no cassette decks; I had a record player that played vinyl 33 1/3 RPM Long Play albums or 45 RPM singles
  • No FaceTime, no Skype, no video conferencing, no iMessage, no instant messaging, no email; you talked on the phone, met in person, or wrote and mailed paper letters
  • No Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Twitter, no blogs; “networking” involved cocktail parties, golf games, business lunches, and other actual “face time”
  • No Meeting Place, no WebEx, no GoToMeeting, no Live Meeting; meetings required a physical presence somewhere
  • No smart phones, no cell phones, no satellite phones, no pagers, no texting, no answering machines; only land-line phones at home and if you needed to make a call away from home there were coin-operated “pay phones”
  • No Google/Bing/Apple/MapQuest Maps, no Google Earth, no Google Street View, no Waze, no turn-by-turn directions, no car navigation systems, no GPS; we had paper maps
  • No Google, no Bing, no Yahoo, no YouTube, no Yelp, no Siri; if you wanted to find out about something or how to do something or where something was located, you went to the library to look it up in an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, almanac, or other reference book
  • No Internet, no iPads, no laptop computers, no desktop computers, no graphing calculators, no scientific calculators, no business calculators, no basic “+ – x ÷” four-function calculators; only mechanical adding machines, slide rules, and pencil & paper

NONE OF THIS EXISTED WHEN I WAS GROWING UP. Yet all of this is here now and we all take it for granted. I am still amazed that I was alive and able to watch as it all happened.

Anyway … this is the summer of … reblogs. 🙂

1 thought on “Summer Reruns

  1. OMGGGGGGG!! CB!! I just can’t tell you how much I loved this post!!!!
    I kept smiling thru the post… ❤️❤️❤️
    How beautifully you remind us that life still is beautiful without apps&gadgets.. It’s the unfortunate us who use the virtual ” FaceTime” instead of the actual ” FaceTime”.. 😖😢😢
    I would love to live a day in that golden era where An actual physical connection bound everyone tight.. 👫👬👭 where a card wasn’t the one from the net but the one from the store,where memes were jokes cracked by friends and not gifs from the web and where a hug meant cuddling up or holding someone in your arms and not *HUGS* in asterisk!! 😓😓


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