Love, Lust or Infatuation?

Reblogging this for the photo alone …


Let's talk about the L word!

Well, any of these three words regard an intense feeling of desire or appreciation towards someone. However they don’t mean nearly the same.

Let’s start with INFATUATION, the first and easiest to experience, (in my opinion) for there is certainly a considerable number of girls you’ll remind to have softened your heart a bit, during your life. This tenderness which got in you, entered fast and unreasonably. It just happened. “Why?”, you can’t say exactly.

Maybe she is beautiful, or funny, seems independent and believable; or possibly all these together. You suddenly like her a lot and really care for her; in your mind you already find yourself travelling the world and loving that woman endlessly and forever. But as it came quick and unexpectedly, it can go just as easily. Give it some time and she will leave, and memories will vanish. One year later, you will question yourself in…

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