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Mudder of Dragons

I said I’d get it done, and I did!

Virago Virago

VIRAGO – A high-fantasy novel long on action. light on magic, and inspired heavily by the Watch books of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, as well as HBO’s television series The Wire. I describe it (like every other person explaining their fantasy novel to non-fantasy novel-reading friends) as ‘Games of Thrones-y, with 75% less murder and 100% less rape.’

Virago On Kindle

Virago in Print

The Secret Wilderness The Secret Wilderness

THE SECRET WILDERNESS – Inspired by Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories and my own research into Medieval and early American history, this is the prequel to Virago. You do not need to have read it to enjoy Virago, although it does explain a lot of things about Adelaide and Neville’s past. I will warn curious readers that it borders on Grimdark and doesn’t have much of the comedic moments of Virago.

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