Don’t google ‘Autocorrect Fails’ if you have anywhere to be soon…

The joy of autocorrect and/or dictation on the iPhone/iPad.

I once dictated a letter to some old family friends who happen to be staunch Baptists. Thankfully I proofed it before sending. When I tried to tell my wife about it it, it took about a dozen attempts before I could get through it without bursting into eye-watering laughter.

Actual message: She is suffering from an MS exacerbation
As dictated/autocorrected: She is suffering from excess masturbation

A Girl In Europe

or don’t want to pee your pants laughing.

i hate autocorrect, autocorrect makes me sound ducking stupid! But I do have to  admit she’s been pretty kind to me unlike to these poor and unsuspecting people…


There are worst ones but I can’t risk my mum telling me of soo….


(Thanks autocorrect)

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