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Strength of a Thousand Men

The date and time of this tale is unknown.

All we know of this tale is the location: A small moon, many lightyears away from our planet. The moon’s name is Sesiqui. Something is afoot on this little orbital rock.

While a wide variety of sentient creatures live on the fertile and life-supporting satellite, many of her residents are robots.

The robots on Sesiqui aren’t like any other automatons. Built in giant factories, they are programmed to make choices depending on their environment; this mentality makes them surprisingly similar to humans. Led by a paranoid, equality-crazed chancellor named SE1A, the robots banded together to form a proud nation known as Mechanika. Mechanika is a union of people whose vast cities and farms reach around Sesiqui like the arms of a bear.

All moons have a dark side. However, that isn’t always a bad thing. On the other side of Sesiqui sits the Free Republic…

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