War.swf #5 – Falling Right Outta the Sky

AS45, we hardly knew ye …

Strength of a Thousand Men


A Combination says ‘Hello’ to the Defiant’s cowcatcher.

“Captain,” said a square-headed robot that was part of the navigation crew, “We’ve sent an SOS to the Mint Chip. She’s too far away to launch an attack, however.”

The MUNS Mint Chip is a ginormous airship that serves as a flying aircraft carrier for the robots. Capable of carrying enough planes to flatten a city, the semi-rigid ship is the flagship of the Mechanikii fleet.

Unfortunately, the Mint Chip was way too far away to send its fighters to assist the Defiant.  The carrier’s load of Pixico P-X3 Crate fighter planes would run out of fuel by the time they reached the battle.

“How much longer till it’s in range?” barked Montezuma.

“200 Joops.”

Two hundred Joops?! We’ll be dead by the time they get here!”

200 Joops is the equivalent to about a half an hour on…

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