Blue Buffalo

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you know that the Mrs suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes. She is a shut-in and cannot cook. So the cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. by in large fall on me. OK, so we got a maid who comes for a few hours, one day a week. That helps some, but still leaves me with a lot to do. I also have a full-time job (at least I have a full-time job – for that I am thankful).

Anyway, in an effort to get a grip on things I signed up for Amazon Prime. It’s fantastic, I never have to leave the house to shop. I can order everything I need from Amazon and get it shipped free to my door within days. What I love most is that everything is ALWAYS in stock and I can find even the most obscure items or brands with ease. I also have Amazon Subscribe and Save, which let’s me schedule automatic re-supply shipments of the necessities of life (you name it, they gots it).

So now I had everything but food squared away. I suppose we could subsist on MREs, but we wanted something healthier, cheaper, and better. We discovered Blue Buffalo. It is fantastic. The food is delivered once a week. It is fresh food that you prepare with step-by-step instructions. All natural ingredients, no by-products. Three different two-person meals at a price that is cheaper and more convenient than delivery or even fast food. Healthy. Nutritious. Delicious. Seriously, you should check out Blue Buffalo.
















Oh wait, did I say Blue Buffalo? I meant Blue Apron.

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