A Touch of Art -The Incredible Earthworks of Stan Herd

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The Incredible Earthworks of Stan Herd

on 23 October, 2015 at 21:02
Stan Herd is an American crop artist and painter who creates images, or earthworks, on large areas of land, especially in Kansas. His work is sometimes called living sculpture.Inspired by the pre-Columbian drawings on the desert floor of the Andes Mountains, Herd completed his first projected in 1981. It was a 160-acre portrait of the Kiowa chief Satanta, whose heroic exploits had made him a symbol among the Kiowa of resistance to European American encroachment.

An installation Herd completed in 1994, Countryside, which was an image of a pastoral Kansas landscape on an acre of property owned by Donald Trump in New York City, is the subject of an independent film by Chris Ordal called Earthwork. The film’s Kansas premiere, in Herd’s adopted hometown of Lawrence, took place September 10, 2010, at…

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