How I Was Complicit in Destroying the World as We Know It

I too am responsible, perhaps more so than the original poster.

Yet I am at a loss to even know what to suggest.

If you ignore the aspects of mining, processing, transport, waste disposal, NIMBY, and potential terrorism … nuclear power is the cleanest power available (too cheap to meter).

Wind power kills birds and bats.

Concentrated solar power of the Ivanpah thermal tower variety incinerates birds.

Photovoltaic solar power has the potential to pollute based on the processes required to make square miles of phovoltaics.

Batteries can pollute during the manufacture and reprocessing or disposal stage.

We all know the impact of fossil fuel extraction and use.

Yet technology is the only way up and out. Imagine a world where we deforest for wood to burn for heat. Or the health implications of a return to horse and buggy. One can argue that the real problem is global population growth, a topic of so much discussion decades ago. It is easy to argue for less consumption, but try explaining this to a growing global population who are just now gaining access to the comforts of modern life.

1 thought on “How I Was Complicit in Destroying the World as We Know It

  1. It is so easy to focus on someone else’s mistakes and faults. Kudos for accepting your responsibility and acting in accordance with it.
    Thanks for the follow and I’m following you now too. I’ll check out your social media too.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.


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