Bitter Irritating Friday Giftures

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I think my veins are filled with either honey or fear.  Because of the warm weather (65 degrees!, just kidding 85) in the last two days, I have had to roll down the windows of my car.  It seems like whenever I pull up to a stop, a member of the bee community has been stalking me, to the point that they are flying to get in my car to show their psychotic tendencies by planting a stinger in my arm, thus making it really hard to text and ignore the road, while having to deal with a huge bee sting. Yeah, bees are irritating.  Today I’m going to demonstrate other irritating things by way of  Bitter Irritating Friday Giftures.

 Do you want to know what really irritates me?

...when you hit a home run that ruins your home.When you hit a home run that ruins your home.

Another thing that irritates me?

Trees.  Trees are jerks. Trees. Trees are jerks.

This guy…

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