Scaredy Cat Bitter Friday Giftures

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For some reason, around this time of year, fears seem to pop up as an issue.  People seems to want to talk about their fear of spiders or ghosts or the dark or cholesterol or the way too upbeatness of SpongeBob.  Maybe it’s because Halloween brings the spookiness out of people, or this time of year is way too busy with parties that bring out the inner rage of introverts, that just want to lay on the couch and watch TV instead of going to yet another Halloween party and have talk yet even more words.  Since it is so close to Halloween, we will finally address some of those fears in our weekly Bitter Friday Giftures.

First we should probably talk about the fact that humans have many fears…

Apparently ducks don't…but ducks don’t seem to have any.

So what are some fears that we have? Some people have the..

sdfd …fear…

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