4 thoughts on “Red Gold | Nano Gold

  1. I’m doing better. I don’t know how long it’s been to be honest.

    I’m dealing with PTSD pretty seriously.

    I did some research, CEU classes, reset my social media platforms, started new blogs, and am working on a wedding consultant job (independent, one couple, just getting started sort of thing), and my son funded me for starting my jewelry design business, and I settled out my Interfaith Ministry plans.

    I go back to school in the fall for a Sociology degree (short game, community college), in hopes of getting a Bachelors in Integrated Social Sciences (long game).

    For now though, I’m not working, but looking. I’m safe, but dealing with flashback nightmares, easily stressed out, on meds. Just living with the pain.

    The ex moved away, 3000 miles AWAY, so that’s been good. The step-monster is dead. And I stopped talking to both my parents. In a lot of ways…I’m actually much better. Less toxic and dangerous personalities in my world.

    It’s slow. But I keep going.

    How are you?

    https://thedailygrindandburningdaylight.wordpress.com/ Just FYI

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