Help Save Dragon’s Leg

Please help Dragon

It's not my fault.



Dragon was recently rescued from a high kill shelter with a broken bone puncturing through his skin. For two weeks the shelter left him caged that way, in pain and crying alone through the nights. He was one of 7 dogs rescued that day only minutes before he was to be euthanized.  While the other 6 lucky dogs were sent to foster homes, Dragon went into surgery to fix not one, but two broken bones.

A day after he was released from the vet I received him as a foster. Dragon came to me with a short cast covering his arm and a bottle of antibiotics. Because of my location, I opted to take Dragon to a more local vet (reccomened by the rescue group) for follow up care. A week after his surgery, Dragon had his bandage changed.

To my and the new vets horror, Dragons wound…

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