Shame Time

So here’s the deal – 

I am forced to lay some shame smackdown on you – yes you – I’m talking to YOU my beloved readers.

Since I first reblogged

closely followed by

The two posts above have gotten a total of 12 “Likes” in addition to the original post     

which has also gotten 12 “Likes”

That’s 24 “Likes”

Guess how many donations poor little Dragon has gotten since May 27?

Go on guess … seriously when you look at the pictures of poor little Dragon’s infected leg and read about the torment he had been through at the shelter you’ve got to figure there would be a flood of donations.

Four donations 


Two of them from the same person. So technically only three donations.

Most of you reading this have pets. Many of these were rescue pets. Pets you love like your children. What if something happened to one of them and they needed surgery to be whole again and you reached out to your WordPress community begging for help because you couldn’t stand to watch the suffering and no one helped.

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