OK – this is perhaps my favorite movie – ever

Unless you absolutely HATE Sci-Fi, you owe it to yourself to see this movie … as many times as necessary to understand it. Absolutely worth seeing in a theater.

This is drama, a love story, a study in inter-species communication, a triumph of problem solving. It has humor and joy and sadness.

It is awesome and awe inspiring.

If you only see one movie at the theater this year – see this movie.

PS: I was not kidding when I said “as many times as necessary to understand it”, although I could have said “as many times as necessary to catch all of the foreshadowing, hints, clues, and twists.” This is a complex movie. 

6 thoughts on “Arrival

    1. Arrival is NOT Close Encounters. Arrival is playing in the theater NOW. As great as Close Encounters was, Arrival is as good or better.

      In 1996 as part of the Great Vacation, we visited Devil’s Tower.

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      1. Oops! ‘scuse me all to hell! I am in another era I fear, and other blogs were talking about “Close Encounters”. I haven’t seen “Arrival” yet. I probably will try to, though, as I enjoy that sort of movie if done well. Apparently this one was for all the posts dealing with it.


      2. If you liked Close Encounters and Contact – you will most definitely enjoy Arrival. Do try to see it in a theater and be sure to watch trailer included in the post.


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