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Pickles discovers Arlo

15 seconds at a time…

The Arlo camera was set on motion detection and a 15 second recording window. I merged them with iMovie.

Depending on the amount of light received it is either color or infrared black and white. When Pickles blocks enough light the IR LEDs turn on and the camera goes black and white. Pickles is fascinated by the infrared LEDs. Mmmm … tasty.


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Release the Kraken

I have decided to call my new toy tool The Kraken, mostly because I love saying “Release the Kraken.”

Below we see the Scooba 450 in action, as filmed by one of my Arlo wireless security cameras. Note the infrared eyes on the front of The Kraken. These are invisible to the naked eye, but detected by the infrared-sensitive Arlo camera.

And now with the camera riding The Kraken … yee haw ride ’em Arlo!

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