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As I mentioned previously, every time I re-read one of my posts I see some hitherto unseen typo, punctuation error, or ambiguous phrase. Despite the fact that I obviously missed them the first (second, third, …) time, they now glare at me like a beacon at sea … a beacon on a UFO. A hundred million candle-power Close Encounters of Third Kind UFO beacon.

Like the moth to the flame I am drawn to them, and … they … must … be … fixed.

The upshot of this is that new readers of this blog will read posts that are (hopefully) a bit more polished than what the early readers saw. The downside is that the posts are subtly dynamic. I promise not to significantly change any content.

Update to the Update … My wife (you know who) read through Day 42 and found two major errors I had missed despite multiple readings. Woo hoo, I now have a proof reader!