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DISCLAIMER – cb is not in anyway affiliated with Extreme Fliers or the INDIEGOGO campaign.

He just thinks it is a really cool concept at a great price. Model 3.0 builds on the expertise developed with Micro Drone and Micro Drone 2.0. If you have been wanting an affordable high quality toy quadcopter, this is your chance.

DISCAIMERER – cb has never actually touched, held, or flown the Micro Drone. But he has watched the videos and read the reviews.

DISCLAIMEREST – Whilst YouTube has hundreds of really cool drone videos, it is also full of videos of drone owners behaving badly and others reacting equally badly. Fly responsibly.

PS – cb finds that talking about himself in the third person is kind of weird.

Micro Drone 3.0 | 5 Days Remaining 

Several posts ago I covered the Extreme Fliers’ Indiegogo campaign for the new Micro Drone 3.0. Amazingly, over 20 thousand people have now pre-ordered over $2 million USD worth of Micro Drone 3.0  kits and accessories. Only five days remain to contribute and claim your perk (that is pre-order) at a significantly reduced price. I am personally amazed at the number of pre-orders and speed at which the $75,000 USD goal was reached and surpassed. Wow. These are just the pre-orders. The product won’t officially go into retail distribution until November – December of this year. Just in time for Christmas.


INDIEGOGO | Micro Drone 3.0

Get yours while you can …