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Hillary is a smurgler

Hillary is a smurgler

According to gardenandcats at thecatsite.com:

What is Smurgling??
Smurgling is the ultimate display of kitty affection and love.
Smurgling involves three aspects of kitty behavior:

Do all Kittys smurgle??
No, not all kittys smurgle. Some cats are diehard smurglers. Others could care less.Most Siamese are smurgglers.

Are there degrees of smurgling?
The following “Cat Codes” describe smurgling levels displayed by cats.
S = “I wouldn’t be caught doing it!”
S+ = “I sneak an occasional smurgle.”
S++ = “When I’m in the mood, I can smurgle with the best of them.”
S+++ = “Everybody leaves my house moistened with kitty-drool.”

From an earlier post:

In addition to an overabundance of cuteness, Hillary has a bizarre behavioral habit. This may be due to insecurity at having been orphaned at such a young age (see Cat Tales – Pickles and Hillary).

Hillary ‘smurgles’. We have many ‘blankys’ around the house that Mrs and I use in bed or on the recliner sofa. One blanky in particular, a snowflake pattern blanky must remind Hillary of his mommy because he will frequently smurgle on it. We call it Hillary’s blanky.

Hillary smurgling (S++)