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Two Steps From Hell

I lied. I’m blogging again. This time in a new category. Music. Epic Music.

If you watch movie trailers you have heard their work. If you watch movies you have heard their work. Click the image below to go to their website.


An email on a Russian dashcam video, leads to a reposting on Contrafactual, on which I note that I like the soundtrack of the video. JeonicDe replies that it is Strength of a Thousand Men by Two Steps From Hell, which I download from iTunes in the form of their Archangel album. I am listening to it as I compose this post.

Download Archangel to your iPhone and Bluetooth it to your car stereo. Your daily commute will be heroic. Or listen on head phones as you commute on the train or bus. Your commute will be epic. Or listen at night with a good Single Malt. Your relaxation will be majestic. To quote the Two Steps From Hell website: