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Volcán de Colima 28 de marzo de 2015


Sergio Tapiro Velasco 

Published on Apr 3, 2015

El Volcán de Colima, a lo largo de los primeros meses de 2015 ha dado muestra de actividad, por algo se le considera el Volcán más activo de México. Este video corresponde al 28 de marzo de 2015 a las 22:28 horas. Espero que lo disfruten. Fue una noche increible. Aun tengo mis dudas sobre si era un meteorito o un satélite.

Life in the Back of a Truck


Life in the Back of a Truck

from Sara Edith 5 months ago / Creative Commons License: by ALL AUDIENCES

The shaky life style of working on Volcán de Colima in Mexico, driving around the jungle, watching glowing rockfalls, road trip to beautiful waterfall of Tzararacua, Michoacán, and jungle ruins of Palenque, Chiapas.

Rather low quality footage – HD highly recommended !

Music: Acapulco – Naxxos

Volcán de Colima


Volcán de Colima

from Sara Edith 5 months ago / Creative Commons License: by ALL AUDIENCES

Put on HD for this glowing experience at the Volcan de Colima, Mexico.

Another night spend at the volcano filming and taking photos. 

This is from La Lumbre in Colima (Mexico) where you get an excellent look on the volcano from SW, and the lava flow that has reached the bottom of the flank. The glow from tumbling rocks and at last an ash rich explosion. 

Sunset & a Starry night & Sunrise & Explosion.

The pictures are from mid October. 

Music: Spleen United – My Tribe part II

See also http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colima_(volcano)