Zand and Zurf

This is an archival version. Please visit The Nudist War for the current version.

[Author’s note the following is an excerpt from an upcoming chapter of Day 42 (DayZ of DiZeaZe)]

Copyright © 2011 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved

Eddy sped silently along the beach road in the late afternoon sun. It was a beautiful day. The sky was a clear dark blue. The fall air was cool, yet the sun on his face and arms was warm. The day was nice enough that Eddy had rolled down the windows once he was on the open road and relatively safe. He enjoyed the smell and feel of the salt air and admitted to himself that the fresh air was in fact just what he needed. Up ahead on the beach, running in the same direction he was driving, a pack of Zs seemed almost at home. On another beach, at another time, they might just be a group of nudists out for an afternoon jog. Eddy slowed down to watch them, marveling at their beauty. The Zs looked for all the world like lean healthy athletes competing in a mixed gender, multi-age Greek marathon. He took his foot off of the accelerator and his car silently paced them. Between the sound of the surf, the whisper quiet of the electric car, and their intent focus on the seagulls ahead of them, the Zs paid no attention to Eddy. This detente between the Zs and Eddy seemed to last forever until Eddy noticed several of them pointing at him. “Uh oh, time to go,” Eddy muttered as he powered away from them. Quick as the Zs were, his car was quicker.

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