The Naked Z

This is an archival version. Please visit The Nudist War for the current version.

[Author’s note: This is an excerpt from a future chapter. To start at the beginning go >> HERE << ]

Copyright © 2013 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.


Unlike the Zombies of legend, Zs were living creatures with all of the bodily functions of their human counterparts. They were still physically human. They ate meat and drank water. They urinated and defecated. Their reproductive organs and hormones still functioned. Mentally however they were very much different. The HZV virus killed off all of the higher brain function that give us our humanity. Gone were all of the traditional human emotions: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, and Surprise. What was left was an enhanced reptilian cortex and nervous system. Imagine a warm-blooded crocodile in human form with a voracious hunger, human speed, and near superhuman strength.

Do to its increased metabolism, a Z was always hungry. Eating was always first and foremost on its mind. A Z was a strict carnivore with a taste for living flesh. It would eat anything and everything as long as it was alive and kicking. Attempts to lure a Z with butchered meat usually failed unless the Z was extremely hungry with no other option. Even then the meat had to be fresh and warm. Without food for a long enough period of time, it was not uncommon for a pack of Zs to turn on the weakest member of the pack, usually a child, a woman, or a senior. As time went on a Z pack tended to thin down to only the strongest, healthiest males and females.

Only after the need to feed was fully satisfied did the last remaining animal urge express itself. Fully fed male and female Zs had been observed to copulate aggressively for hours, with the entire pack participating in the unholy orgy. This and the requirements of the daily bodily functions meant that most Zs had no clothing. In fact the presence of clothing on a Z was an indication that the Z had metamorphosed within the the last 48 hours. Of all the ways that Zs differed from the common Zombie mythology, the naked Z was the most surprising.

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