[This is an excerpt from a future chapter. To start at the beginning go >> HERE << ]

Copyright © 2013 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.


Jess and Eddy were ushered into the Seaside through one of the side doors that was not boarded up. With one guard leading the way and another following, they climbed the six fights of stairs to MAN’s penthouse operations center. It wasn’t originally a penthouse; MAN had simple commandeered three rooms in a row and knocked the walls out. The lead guard knocked on the door and announced their presence. After a short wait they were led inside. Almost as soon as the door closed behind them, Jess was ambushed by a large white pit bull who almost knocked her over trying to lick her face. “Hi Maggie,” Jess managed to get out between slurps, “has MAN not been giving you enough luvins?” Jess began scratching Maggie’s ears. Eddy’s shin was almost fractured by the strength of Maggie’s wagging tail. He backed away from the love fest while he could still walk.

Jess and Maggie had been fast friends since the day Maggie wandered up to them on one of their supply runs. Jess and Eddie agreed that the lab was no place for a dog, but they couldn’t just leave her to be Z bait either. Luckily they knew the perfect person to look after her, Matthew Augustus Nobel. MAN beamed when they presented the pit bull to him. “What will you name her?” Jess inquired.

MAN didn’t blink an eye. “Maggie,” he replied. Man never did tell them why he named her Maggie, but they knew better than to question MAN too deeply. Maggie soon had run of the Seaside. She was a natural Z detector. Whether it was by smell or hearing or keen eyesight she could detect the presence of a Z up to forty yards away.

2 thoughts on “Maggie

  1. cb, thank you, thank you, for including me in the story! You would be proud to see me standing stock-still, tracking a bird or rabbit… you are right, I’d smell those nasty Zs!! Woof!


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