The Containers

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Copyright © 2013 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.


They walked into the center of the shipping containers. Jess looked around at the shipping containers stacked and bolted three-high and hoped that they would be tall enough. Under MAN’s supervision, the twenty-four, 40 ft. shipping containers had been arranged in a rough octagon. Seven of the corners had been sealed off by butting the containers on one side of the corner up against the containers on the other side.

The remaining corner had a small gap just big enough for a person or Z to fit through. At the far end of the three stacked shipping containers on the right side of the gap (facing in) was a large D10 dozer. Once the Zs were inside the ring of shipping containers, the dozer would push the stack of shipping containers forward to seal the gap. The dozer operator would be accompanied by two heavily armed guards for protection.

The mast of a boom crane projected up and over the center of the enclosure. Zs were extremely finicky, only live prey would do. Prior attempts to lure Zs with dead animals or butchered meat we’re dismal failures. A human lure in a climbing harness would be attached to the hook of the boom crane and lifted to safety once the gap was closed off.
On top of the containers men would lie on their stomachs hidden from the outside. Each would have a rifle or a shotgun (or both), but would not use them unless things got out of control. The idea was to catch the Zs alive. Like the dozer operator the crane operator similarly had two heavily armed guards for protection.

A large cargo net lay on the ground enclosed by the containers. Once the human lure was safely extracted, a second boom crane located outside the containers on the opposite side from the first boom crane would lift the net capturing the Zs snared within. With the net full of Zs suspended outside of the container enclosure, the capture team would bind their feet and hands with zip-tie cuffs and put bags over each of their heads. MAN had plenty of practice as a Navy Seal with this part of operation. And, yes, two more heavily armed guards for the second boom crane.

Luring the Zs to the trap was a simple enough matter. Waiting at the beach was a dirt bike with driver and passenger in radio contact with MAN at the containers. They would cruise the beach looking for Zs. Once they found them, they would lure them back to the containers. The “bait” attached to boom crane would stand just outside the gap then run into the enclosure to lure in the Zs, allowing the motorcyclists to escape to safety. At the last possible minute the “bait” would be lifted to safety and the dozer would seal the entrance. The net full of Zs would be hoisted off the ground and, when conditions were safe, lowered to a position just above the ground outside of the enclosure. The whole operation would be easy peasy.

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