Day 47 Teaser 1

This is an archival version. Please visit The Nudist War for the current version.

[Author’s note: This is the sixth chapter. To start at the beginning go >> HERE <<]

Copyright © 2013 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.

– Day 47 –

MAN felt something wet slurping across his face. “Good morning Maggie is it time to get up? Do you need to go out?” Maggie licked his face even more aggressively and barked.

“Okay, okay.” MAN sighed.

MAN got dressed and headed off toward the stairs as Maggie bounded past him. She was already at the bottom of the stairwell by the time he got there. He opened the door and walked out into a grassy, fully enclosed courtyard. Maggie took off like a ‘hairy bullet’, running round and round and round and round the perimeter of the courtyard until she finally collapsed exhausted on the ground. Only then did she attend to her morning duties.

MAN looked up to one of the spotters on the roof and asked, “Any activity today?”

“Been quiet both yesterday and today.”

“Good let’s hope it stays that way.”

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