Case for Mars

“Furthermore, the technology available to America a half century ago was vastly inferior to that of today. The men who designed Apollo did their calculations on slide rules capable of performing, at most, one calculation per second, not on computers doing billions. Yet in eight years they solved all the problems necessary to take us from nearly zero human spaceflight capability to landing men on the moon and returning them to Earth.
As this book will show in detail, from a technological point of view, we are much better prepared to send humans to Mars today than they were to get men to the Moon in 1961. Yet they got there in eight years. We’ve gone nowhere in the past three and a half decades.
So, the question is, what did NASA have then that it doesn’t have now?
The answer is Resolution.”

Excerpt From: Zubrin, Robert. “Case for Mars.” Free Press, 2011. iBooks.
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