Top 10 …

Top 10 Observations of an old White Guy on Race Relations in the New Millennium

Number 10
Barrack Obama may be the coolest, hippest, Nobel Prize winningest President the US has ever had, but he is not the blackest. Bill Clinton still holds that title.

Number 9
Don’t be afraid to serve watermelon at summer picnics. It is a traditional summer fruit. It is healthy, light, and delicious. Hollow out the melon and use it as the bowl for a fruit salad. Don’t be afraid to eat watermelon. You know you love it. I’m talking to everyone here.

Number 8
When planning a party for your white and black friends, don’t worry about buying enough Miller Lite, Bud Light, Colt 45, or Schlitz Malt Liquor. Both groups are equally appreciative of fine wine, high-end spirits, and even good single malt scotch.

Number 7
No matter how much Dixie Pride you have, no matter how much you loved The General from the Dukes of Hazard, please be sensitive to the fact that many black people view the Confederate Flag as a the ultimate symbol of decades of slavery, oppression, segregation, and racism. Would you wear or fly a Swastika in a Jewish neighborhood? Would you knowingly serve ham or bacon to practicing Muslims or Jews? Not unless you were a total asshole bent on being offensive. Don’t be a total asshole.

Number 6
As much as I like I like L. L. Cool J and Brad Paisley individually, and even though I totally embrace the message, “Accidental Racist ” has got to be the lamest song ever. For a much better song by Brad Paisley (perhaps my favorite) and a bit of history, check out my post Welcome to the Future .

Number 5
When rappers talk about skeet, the aren’t talking about shooting clay pigeons.

Number 4
If you are walking down the street and one or more black people are walking toward you, even if you are white, you really don’t need to cross over to the other side of the street.

Number 3
It is not legal to shoot a black man for walking at night while wearing a hoodie … at least not in most states.

Number 2
Sadly, DWB is still a major cause of ticketing and arrests in many states.

… and The Number 1 Observation


No matter how much you listen to and like Rap and Hip-Hop, if you are white, please resist the urge to greet black people with “What up my nigga?” It never ends well.

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