The Nekkid War

Back on 431 EVs – 1Place I commented that “Eddy drives a Plug-in EV in The Nudist War“.

To which Maggie (the real one, after whom Maggie in TNW was named) replied, “I hope he never runs out of charge! 😀 Those nekkids run fast…”

So … I got to thinking … Hmmm (that’s me thinking).

Should I have the Army call them Nudists or Nekkids? (or Nekkeds)

Should I rename it The Nekkid (or Nekked) War?

Hey, these are important questions.

The right answer could mean the difference between fame, fortune, and the ability to retire soon or a life of mentally stimulating, technologically challenging, yet well-paid work into my nineties and beyond.

What do you think is most like to be wildly popular?



or Nudist?

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