First of May

Jonathan Coulton
First of May

A delightful little song about some fun, albeit unrealistically exhibitionist and generally illegal, outdoor activities from the prolific writer/singer who brought you the songs that I showcase in the three earlier posts:

Re: Your Brains

Code Monkey


WARNING – Mature Explicit Content

Although certainly no more explicit than most rap music. It might not get bleeped on cable, but would certainly get bleeped over the airwaves.

I realize the not everyone has my relaxed and potentially juvenile sense of humor, so I am trying to give you ample warning. (NSFW)

If you are under 18 or easily offended, do not watch this video (contents of which are just song + lyrics.)

However if you are an adult with an adventurous sense of humor, click on.


You’ll be humming that tune and chuckling all day long …

1 thought on “First of May

  1. That song never gets old. Welcome to May my friends hope you & Mrs are enjoying your selves!

    Matt Noble


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