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Wahls Protocol Day Four

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Me too.

Today is Day Four of the Mrs and me on The Wahls Protocol.

The Nutri Bullet is working great. In addition to fruit-veggie smoothies, it does a great job of making soup stock out of whatever bizarre mix of veggies I put in it. If I put beets, carrots, and onion in the soup, for example, half go in hand-diced for texture and the other half in the Nutri Bullet for stock. (Not an endorsement of the Nutri Bullet, as any high-end liquefying blender such as Vitamax will do. In fact from now on I will call it the slimer.)

We are pretty much eating the spectrum of veggies and fruits, plus grass-fed beef. The Nutri Bullet slimer makes it possible for us the chew through the nine cups of veggies required per day without our jaws cramping up?

Hunger? What is that? We are too full to be hungry.

Cravings? See hunger.

Irregularity? Try eating nine cups of veggies a day and then ask me about regularity.

Weight loss? YES! Today is the first time that my digital scale did not display O-Ld. It also did not scream and say “One at a time please. One at a time.”

Stomach discomfort? A little maybe, at least for the Mrs, but tolerable.


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