2 thoughts on “Buzz Aldrin

  1. Amazing to realize that was a couple generations ago, that more people weren’t born yet that those who remember the event!

    I was on a rainy road in the Black Hills of South Dakota at the time.

    My friend mistook himself for Parnelli Jones, but lost control of his father’s car, and dumped us in a swollen creek.

    Walking to the nearest home (a long ways away!) in the rain, I reminded my friend endlessly about how I’d told him to slow down.

    We called a friend in Rapid City to let him know of our plight. His father drove down to pick us up, and we arrived at our friend’s home in time to see that famous first footstep on the moon!

    Or was it an instant replay. I don’t remember. I was wet and cold, and dealing with that had priority at the time.


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