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Day 47 Teaser # 4

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[Author’s note: This is the sixth chapter. To start at the beginning go >> HERE <<]

Copyright © 2013 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.

The patrol was now due east of the main airport terminal on 83rd Street, where it intersects Terminal Drive in a wide triangular section of pavement. “Patrol One, this is Patrol Two, does anyone know where these fuel tanks are supposed to be? Over.”

“Patrol Two, I think I see them off to my left just north of the main terminal building. Can you see the two big above-ground tanks? Now the question is how to get to them.”

“Patrol One, Patrol Two, this is Base. You need to hang a hard left and turn south onto Terminal Drive, Then proceed south until you reach the terminal entrance, maybe a hundred feet or so from your current position. Turn right and continue to bear right heading west until you reach the gate. You will be immediately north of the terminal building facing west. What is your current threat assessment? Over.”

“This is Patrol One, we see no indication of hostiles. Proceeding with caution. Over.”

“Roger that, Patrol One.” Dave replied.

The two pickups headed south on Terminal Drive and almost immediately turned right into the terminal complex.

“This is Patrol One we have pulled into the terminal complex and are heading west toward the runway. Over.”

“Roger that, Patrol One.”

“Base, the gate appears to be closed. We are now pulling up alongside of the terminal building. No sign of hostiles. We will stop at the gate.”

“Roger that.”

“Zs on the left! Zs on the left!” someone screamed.