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Patches and her “ball”

Over the last few weeks (months?) Patches has discovered independent play. She is amazingly cute to watch. She is old and either half-blind or cross-eyed but for all of that she really enjoys play.

One of her favorite play times involves my throwing a small crinkle ball to her while she is on our bed. She is quite amazing – either catching it outright with her (badly?) declawed front paws or batting it back to me. If she misses it she then hunts it and bats it about until I pick it up and throw it again. I need to set up a tripod and record one of these sessions, but …

Lately Patches has gotten tired of waiting for me to play with her and has started batting the crinkle balls about on her own.  This past Christmas the Mrs bought an assortment of small plastic ornaments for attaching to packages. Patches discovered them and started batting them around in the kitchen. The ornaments roll well and with the attachment nubbin they roll with just the right amount of randomness.

Patches is not a kitten. She must easily be in her tweens or teens. I wonder if this return to kittendom is a sign of senility setting in? It doesn’t matter. We love her anyway. She is a sweet gentle soul. I am just happy to see her having fun.

Weggieboy Update

I spoke to Doug twice this weekend. He is battling a nasty cold that is going around. Rumor has it that he might get to go home next week. Keep your fingers and paws crossed.


Care Package

Doug loves his citrus   http://phainopepla95.com/2015/10/25/post-924-loving-my-citrus/

I have a mutant orange-tangerine tree    https://contrafactual.com/2015/10/26/oranges-pickles-tangerines/

Doug needs a care package

Doesn’t look like much in the basket, but I individually wrapped most of the oranges and tangerines and left space for additional padding to be added at the shipping facility.

 With padding … felt, bubble wrap, paper … it filled out a good sized box.

It is supposed to arrive Monday by 10 AM.