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Blue Buffalo

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you know that the Mrs suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes. She is a shut-in and cannot cook. So the cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. by in large fall on me. OK, so we got a maid who comes for a few hours, one day a week. That helps some, but still leaves me with a lot to do. I also have a full-time job (at least I have a full-time job – for that I am thankful).

Anyway, in an effort to get a grip on things I signed up for Amazon Prime. It’s fantastic, I never have to leave the house to shop. I can order everything I need from Amazon and get it shipped free to my door within days. What I love most is that everything is ALWAYS in stock and I can find even the most obscure items or brands with ease. I also have Amazon Subscribe and Save, which let’s me schedule automatic re-supply shipments of the necessities of life (you name it, they gots it).

So now I had everything but food squared away. I suppose we could subsist on MREs, but we wanted something healthier, cheaper, and better. We discovered Blue Buffalo. It is fantastic. The food is delivered once a week. It is fresh food that you prepare with step-by-step instructions. All natural ingredients, no by-products. Three different two-person meals at a price that is cheaper and more convenient than delivery or even fast food. Healthy. Nutritious. Delicious. Seriously, you should check out Blue Buffalo.
















Oh wait, did I say Blue Buffalo? I meant Blue Apron.

Homeless Guests Welcome At Tabrizi’s Restaurant For One Week

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout …

The Feels

Last week, Michael Tabrizi, the owner of Tabrizi’s, a catering venue and restaurant in the Harborview residences, asked for volunteers to help him organize a “Homeless Restaurant Week.”

Tabrizi hopes to serve anywhere from 900 to 1,000 homeless guests at his restaurant during the week of July 20. And now, Tabrizi says, he has more volunteers than he needs, and his staff is “refusing to get paid” for that week.

“I don’t want to turn volunteers away,” Tabrizi said. Instead of helping to prepare or serve meals, volunteers will be invited to sit down with homeless guests over a dinner of chicken Cordon Bleu in sage cream sauce, spring salad, sparking apple cider and ice-cream waffle cone.

Michael-Tabrizi in front of a shuttle bus

Tabrizi said his homeless restaurant week came after a brief encounter with a homeless person, to whom he gave his a few dollars and his business card, with an invitation to come see him…

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16 Toneladas

16 Tons … Brazilian composer Roberto Neves wrote the Portuguese version “Dezesseis Toneladas”, first recorded by Noriel Vilela in 1971. (Source: Wikipedia)

Noriel Vilela died in 1974 due to an allergic reaction to anesthesia at the dentist.



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