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Rubicon Technology

With the demise of GT Advanced Technologies, one might ask where Apple will get its Transparent Aluminum? Perhaps more accurately, who is currently supplying Apple with sapphire, since there is some question as to whether GTAT ever got the Mesa Arizona plant up and running.

One answer might be …

Rubicon Technology



To harvest the crystal, we use a very thin diamond-cutting wire.

Pay close attention to the 4:00 minute mark of the following video about Rubicon Technology’s sapphire production.


Perhaps Rubicon was and is the manufacturer of the sapphire Apple uses for the camera lens, fingerprint scanner cover, and watch crystal … with Apple planning to transition to GTAT once production was up to quality and capacity.

The Bloomberg View | GTAT


Bottom line of the above article (my words):

Apple loaned GT Advanced Technologies money to build the sapphire plant which GTAT would pay back out of the monies Apple paid for the sapphire. BUT if certain conditions were not met, Apple could demand all of its money back … NOW.

Bloomberg and other analysts interpret this as a collapse in the Apple – GTAT relationship. Very bad for GTAT.

At one dollar a share, GTAT could be a takeover target play … or it could fold its tent and disappear into the night.

Are you a gambler? 

Thin, Very Thin Transparent Aluminum

Transparent Aluminum

I first told you about Transparent Aluminum* here.

I have talked about it several times since.

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) has the technology to make thin, very thin sheets of it.


Apple has a large plant in Arizona where GTAT is making Transparent Aluminum for them by the ton (literally).

Last February 2014

* in case you have forgotten transparent aluminum is sapphire, Al2O3