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WWZ vs. Day 42

I just finished the Unrated Cut of World War Z purchased from iTunes. I enjoyed it. It was, in my opinion a cut above most Zombie films, with elements of the medical disaster genre (eg. Contagion) thrown in. Unlike many other Zombie movies the plot of this movie also included an attempt to locate patient zero and an attempt to discover a “cure”.

I have also read Max Brooks original book World War Z, and I must say that the only thing in common between book and movie is the name. Fans of the book who expected a movie that followed the book, even remotely, will be disappointed. That having been said I recommend World War Z to anyone who likes Zombie flicks in particular and thrillers in general. It is really more of an adventure/thriller movie than a horror movie.

I had been concerned that WWZ the movie had independently introduced the same concepts I am introducing in Day 42 (DayZ of DiZeaZe). With possible exception of Fast Zombies (as commented on by Jack Flacco), WWZ and Day 42 have nothing in common.


WWZ: the infected are call Zombies (or in two instances Zeeks)
Day 42: the infected are called Zs, pronounced Zees, (or Zeds)

WWZ: incubation and zombification takes place in seconds or minutes after being bitten with 100% transmission efficiency
Day 42: incubation period is a week or more after initial onset with 50% death and 50% zombification

WWZ: transmission mechanism is via being bitten by the infected
Day 42: transmission mechanism is unknown

WWZ: zombies are fast, but clumsy
Day 42: Zs are fast and graceful

WWZ: zombies are ugly and undead
Day 42: Zs can be beautiful, as beautiful or ugly as their former human selves

WWZ: zombies are semi-immortal, head shots and burning do the trick, but even burned bodies can still twitch
Day 42: Zs are very much alive and, although difficult to kill, once dead stay dead

WWZ: zombies appear to be mindless and uncooperative
Day 42: Zs have non-human animal intelligence and hunt in cooperative packs

WWZ: zombies are strong
Day 42: Zs are stronger

WWZ: zombies are clothed
Day 42: Zs are naked

WWZ: humans with a serious or terminal illness are “invisible” to zombies
Day 42: humans with Multiple Sclerosis appear to be immune to the HZV virus

Note: I am still wrestling with the name. Day 42 is both the name of the book and the name of the first chapter, so I subtitled it “Day 42 (DayZ of DiZeaZe)”. But I am second guessing the name. Which do think sounds better?
Day 42
Day 42 (DayZ of DiZeaZe)
Day 42 (DaZ of d’Zs)


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