Blogging is …

Tomorrow is the four-week anniversary of

Hard to believe isn’t it. Well it is hard for me to believe. I have 38 followers! [52 as of August 20] Take a look at the stats below.


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Opinionated Man for reblogging my Aberlour A’bunadh post. But OM just opened the door for me. It is to you dear readers to whom I owe the greatest debt of thanks. You read my posts and found them interesting enough to follow, and like, and comment on.

Blogging is like a nuclear reaction. Not a nuclear bomb, but a self sustaining and growing interaction. Spreading by word of mouth, growing exponentially. Like the ping pong ball examples below, but self regenerating.

Blogging is also a human search engine, in many ways better than Google or Bing. When I was emailed the link to the Russian dashcam video, I posted it thinking it would be interesting to you. I liked the music, but would not have anyway to find out what it was. However JeonicDe read my post, watched the video, saw my comment, and told me … no us, all of us … that it was by the group Two Steps from Hell and the song was Strength of a Thousand Men. He even posted an embedded video of the music. I then went to iTunes and down loaded it. Instantly. How cool is that.

I grew up in a world where NONE of this existed, as did many of you depending on your age. Do you ever stop to Stand and Stare at the beauty and miracle of this. This is the basis for my unfinished essay Welcome to the Future . So much of my childhood dreams and fantasies have come true in ways I could never have guessed.

I started this as a way to practice my writing and get feedback on it. What I didn’t expect was to establish a global network of people I would otherwise never have met. This is something I could never have anticipated.

But it is now time to pay the piper … not you, me, well maybe you. I need to get back to writing. More writing. Less blogging. For a short while. So for a short while I will take a break from blogging to focus on writing (with the odd break to follow your blogs).

In the mean time you might take a look at my revised About, Contra…what?, and Topics Pages.

Be seeing you …

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5 thoughts on “Blogging is …

  1. Your blog has the look and content of a blog that typically has a huge following! I look forward to your rapid ascent into the glories of blogdom! Well, I predict you’ll have a goodly following very soon, your blog is that good!


  2. I love your insight into blogging being a human search engine.

    I believe that.

    In a lot of ways over the years I have met more friends through blogging than ever in life and mostly they understand me best, or better than people in real life. Maybe because they take the time to read what I am saying rather than jumping to conclusions.

    I would be very interested in a study of human connectivity through blogging. But alas we may be waiting for a while on that one. The focus for now seems to be digital relations through other social media. Perhaps one day they will consider the very real interactions of bloggers…who have essentially expanded on the concept of the pen pal that many of us grew up on.


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