Ammonia … Ammonia …

The internet is amazing. Mrs and I were talking on the phone with Pegasuspilot about the best way to clean earrings. Pp mentioned ammonia, and then recalled an old cartoon we saw as kids. Pp and I have been friends since before(?) elementary school. I saw him for the first time in 27 years when Mrs and I drove back home last month to see her mother. Pp and I got on as if time had never passed. Today he forwarded the following:


Pp and I have referenced this cartoon off and on for decades. Bizarrely|coincidentally, I referenced it at work just last week.


“Ammonia! Ammonia!” – New Yorker Cartoon
By: Robert Grossman Item #: 8641659_8419447-311

Published January 13, 1962

“Ammonia! Ammonia!”

Spaceman abandons his crashed space ship and crawls through the hot desert looking for something to drink.

It can even be purchased from the Condé Nast store ($125.00).

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