18 companies driving the new space age

Excellent article on the future of space travel. Includes companies I’ve never heard of as well as my old favorites.


Xaero. Stratolauncher. Atlas V. Dream Chaser. If you built a spaceship, wouldn’t you name it something awesome too? These four spacecraft, and many more, are detailed in a recent report in which NASA examines the evolving landscape of spaceflight. As the authors admit, the space agency’s own budgets are shrinking, so companies and individuals are critical to the growing space economy. Take a look at these 18 firms, both established and entrepreneurial, that NASA thinks might help lead our space-bound charge.

Blue Origin
Spacecraft: New Shepard; Bionic Spacecraft

The 18 companies driving the new space age | ideas.ted.com

Owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin is all about lowering the cost of spaceflight so that many more humans can head to space. For now, this long-term effort means developing reusable launch vehicles that use Vertical Takeoff, Vertical Landing (VTVL) technology. The firm’s New Shepard system will carry three astronauts to conduct experiments in suborbital space; plans include launching an orbital program to push past Earth’s gravity. Image…

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