One millimeter

[begin rant]

One fucking millimeter. There I said it … millimeter … or if you prefer millimetre.

iPhone 6s   The only thing that’s changed is everything

No … not everything.

My old iPhone 5s died. OK so it didn’t really die, but the female charging port on the phone got damaged from accidentally ripping the charging cord out of the phone … one … too … many … times. Getting the phone to charge involved just the right amount of ceremonial incantations, fiddling with the Lightning connector, and careful positioning of the iPhone and cord. On the Monday before my birthday the phone died and would not charge. So I ordered a new iPhone 6s Plus, which as luck would have it arrived on said birthday. (Happy Birthday to me, etc., etc, etc.)

I love everything about it … except …

Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, can I call you Jony?

So Jony, the whole world knows how fucking brilliant you are. There, I did it again … brilliant. Yes, you … are … brilliant. You’ve even been knighted for brilliance, for Christ’s sake.

You are brilliant … and you are obsessed. Obsessed with industrial design. Obsessed with elegance. Obsessed with perfection. You are also obsessed with thinness. Obsessed.

But when does obsession cloud judgement? When does the obsession for thinness negate superb industrial design?

One fucking millimeter. If you had made the iPhone 6 series one millimeter thicker, the camera lens would be flush with the case … like the iPhone 5 … and EVERY other iPhone before it. No one … and I do mean no one … would have noticed or cared if the iPhone 6 series was one millimeter thicker.

What could you do with an extra one millimeter of thickness? Make the case a tad thicker and stronger. Make the battery thicker and add a few extra minutes of run time. Who knows? Who cares?

The important thing is that one millimeter is the difference between a smooth backside and one with an ugly zit that keeps the phone from laying solidly on on flat surface without rocking. One millimeter means not worrying about scratching fine old wooden finishes. One millimeter is the difference between obsession and … perfection.

Any chance of fixing this in the iPhone 7?

[end rant]

14 thoughts on “One millimeter

  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge S6+ and love it. I’ve never considered an iPhone…then again, I haven’t used any Apple product since 1993, when I had an ‘E’ generation computer. Oh, wait…I have an iPod that never would work properly with my PC. I’m a gamer, so I didn’t want a useless iMac “brick” sitting on my desk.
    Yeah, I’m biased – I can admit it.

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    1. If your device does what you need/want it to do there is not much else to ask for.

      This is probably the subject of a separate blog post, but I will comment here …

      I like the Apple iOS ecosystem for a variety of reasons (which could be debated, but see the first sentence).

      1) because it is locked down and it’s apps “sandboxed”, security is higher (I think that this is supported by many articles on the web)
      2) Mrs and I are heavily “invested” in iTunes music.
      3) I do IT all day long at work with both Linux and Windows, I don’t want to have to do it at home
      4) even considering item 3, I still have to do IT support for my wife (we both have iPads and iPhones) and having the same common environment makes my life easier
      5) my boss at work (where iPhone is the corporate standard) loves here new Android phone because it is much more customizable. See items 4 and and 3 above, standardization is good in this regard.
      6) although my house is a graveyard of old Macs and PCs of various vintages. I exclusively use iPad and iPhone off work. I also use them at work for personal issues (via cellular data connection).
      7) although the theoretical tech specs of Apples iPads and iPhone are less than that of Android, real world tests show the to be equal or better in performance.
      8) I can really, really, really, really love something or someone, yet hate an aspect of that something or someone.

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      1. Completely understood…my brothers are programmers and IT masters, and think of using nothing but Macs and swear by Linux. Me, I’m just a gamer who still only knows basic programming language – so I’ll stick with my PC.
        I have my 1 MB, Apple Macintosh all-in-one unit, complete with keyboard, mouse, and floppy disk…and it still works.

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      2. 1MB – I had to read that several times to convince myself it wasn’t a typo.

        That would be the “Fat Mac”, as the original Mac only had 265KB. (Ronald MacDonald, threaten to sue over “Big Mac”.

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    2. PC Gaming – yes depending on the genre, PCs are the only way to go. Hence the reason number two son has a top o’ the line Alienware desktop including dual monitors … and a 4K wall mounted LARGE TV dedicated to being a display. 🙂

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