Andy Puddicombe

My sister introduced me to this a while back. I downloaded the app and tried it a few times – then gave up. I started back up again last week. Over the weekend we (my wife and I) discovered that we had the audio book. My sister must have gifted it to me sometime in the past. We listened to it. I recommend you do the same. Andy is amazing. His approach to mindfulness is refreshingly modern, yet based on centuries old proven concepts of meditation.

I am already beginning to have a calmer mind after my 10-minutes-a-day sessions. My wife used Andy’s sleep meditation technique last night and got her first full night’s sleep in three days.

The Audio Book

Get it at Audible.com


Get the App


Be sure to visit the HEADSPACE website


I will leave you with one last video.


Learn more about Andy here.


3 thoughts on “HEADSPACE

  1. Wow! I definitely have to get with the program! I used to meditate and then it fell by the wayside. Going to check this out! (Tomorrow is “the day” we make the big leap onto Wahl’s.) Wish us luck!


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