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iPad Air FAIL – Update

So back on December 8th I posted my original iPad Air Fail post.

I had suggested reviewing the following thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5532206?tstart=0

It is a long thread
Despite the glowing reviews of the mainstream press and tech community, there are still many frustrated users out there whose iPad Airs have regular Safari crashes, App crashes, and even full reboots.

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iPad Air FAIL

What’s an Apple fanboy to do? There seems to be a problem with a small number of the Apple iPad air models. I say a small number, I hope it’s a small number.

See below (note, I am NOT Lsmith123)


Re: Ipad air low memory crash
Dec 8, 2013 12:45 PM (in response to Yellowtail714)
Frustrated that another support email resulted in being told that Apple we’re not aware of this issue so I made a video of the problem to prove that I wasn’t doing anything unusual:

If anyone wants to see two iPad airs next to each other doing the same thing I will be happy to provide that video as well 🙂 for more fun I will make one of me at the Apple store doing this on their demo units as well – although I expect I won’t be allowed to do that 🙂

I am an Apple fan, but this is really starting to annoy me now. Not the so much the fault, rather the complete denial by all Apple support employees that this is a known issue.