iPad Air FAIL – Update

So back on December 8th I posted my original iPad Air Fail post.

I had suggested reviewing the following thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5532206?tstart=0

It is a long thread
Despite the glowing reviews of the mainstream press and tech community, there are still many frustrated users out there whose iPad Airs have regular Safari crashes, App crashes, and even full reboots.

We are all anxiously awaiting the next iOS 7.1 update which may (or may not) fix the problem.

Many theories abound in the vacuum of silence from Apple:

• 1gb of RAM is grossly inadequate for the 64-bit A7 CPU

• 1gb of RAM should be enough, but iOS 7.0.x does a poor job of memory management

• There is a problem specific to the 64-bit A7 or the 64-bit code branch in iOS 7 because the older A6-based devices handle iOS 7 better

• iOS 7 is the problem because devices upgraded from iOS 6 to iOS 7 have poorer performance on iOS 7

Although the mainstream press has yet to jump on this, the shear volume of views and replies coupled with the fact that more and more new people are joining the discussion to report problems speaks for itself.

Despite the title, the problems are not limited to the iPad Air. The new Mini and to a lesser extent the iPhone 5s are impacted.

My Day 1 iPhone 5s suffers some of the same problems reported.

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