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Day 49

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[Author’s note: This is the eighth chapter. To start at the beginning go >> HERE <<]

Copyright © 2013 by Christian Bergman, All rights reserved.

All people, places, and events are fictional … except when they aren’t.

– Day 49 –

… She connected with him, wrapped the blanket around his arms, and held him tight so that he could not move as her momentum pushed them both over the railing. As they fell she stared into his eyes and studied his face. Her lips met his.

Eddy woke up. He turned over and looked at the time. "1:30 AM. Hmm, that's strange," he thought. "Usually it's closer to 5:00 AM when the dreams begin." He lay there a while deep in thought. "Guess I should call Heinrich this morning and give him an update on the fuel situation." He set the alarm for 5:00 AM and then rolled over and went back to sleep.

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