Rocket Man – what is wrong?

Despite all the other fun bits that I include in my blog … my cats, the interesting YouTube video, various fun facts, music, history … my real reason for blogging is that I want to write fiction. I currently have two main streams of fiction: the Day 42 zombie saga and the Mars collection of science fiction short stories.

I recently wrote a new short story titled Rocket Man.

I included various supplementary material on either side of it. Prior to posting Rocket Man. I reblogged both Phobos Rising and Jumper. After I posted it, I included a history of the Rocket Man song. Intermixed with this was a variety of other video posts and a cat post.

The material on either side of the Rocket Man short story got numerous ‘likes’ … yet Rocket Man got only a single ‘like’.

I am perplexed.

• Did you read it and not like it?

• If you read it and did not like it, can you tell me what you disliked?

Be frank I’m a big boy I can take criticism.

• If you didn’t read it why not?

As always I am extremely appreciative of your feedback.

Thanks cb

5 thoughts on “Rocket Man – what is wrong?

    1. If you like and eat lobster, shrimp, crab, or crawfish … it really isn’t that different conceptually. Not that I have tried them mind you.


      1. I am currently trying find a place that actually serves roasted crickets. But as eclectic as the Houston food scene is, I have yet to locate a place. I am sure they can be found, but maybe not by me.

        There are lots of recipes on the web, so I may need to go to Petco, buy a bag of crickets … and get cookin’.

        I assure you that if I do so, you will get a blog report.


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