Strong, Powerful Women

Despite my joke that that I like my coffee the way I like my women …

cold and bitter

… truth be told in my fiction and in reality, I prefer strong, powerful women.

One need only read Rocket Man or The Nudist War to see this. Jess and Kwan are strong women. It goes without question that the ‘Angels’ are extremely strong women. Linda Johansen, the pilot in Rocket Man is a strong women torn between family and career. My wife before the MS (and even now) was and is a strong women.

Strength need not be physical. One may have a strong intellect, a strong sense of self, a strength of conviction. In modern western society, the strong woman is more often the norm than the exception.

Unfortunately those qualities of strength so admired in men are frequently viewed negatively in a woman. Strong women are often characterized as bossy or even worse, bitchy. Perhaps this is how weak men see them.

Strong women are interesting. Strong women are sexy. Strong women are hot. Strong women are … well … strong.

I like my women the way I like my coffee … warm and strong.

6 thoughts on “Strong, Powerful Women

      1. I figured. Strength, is internal, and can be manifested as gentleness as well. Strength is always a quality to be “desired”


  1. I have amended the final statement from “hot and strong” to “warm and strong”.

    Two reasons:

    Warm is still better than cold even after the fire has burned down.

    By the time I actually remember to drink my coffee, it’s usually gone from hot to warm.

    The sad part … at least at work (and hence the joke) … it that when I finally have a chance to finish my coffee it has gone to cold and bitter.


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