So a week & a half ago Mrs and I started on the Wahls Protocol Diet (http://terrywahls.com/about-the-wahls-protocol/).

Basically lots (9 cups a day) of leafy greens, highly colored fruits and berries, nuts, seeds, other hi-omega3 things, non-starch vegies, meat, fish, chicken. Almost too much food to consume. No wheat. No milk products. No eggs. No hunger.

We are also taking supplements (D3, B-complex, CoQ10, krill oil). Our idea, not Wahls’. Maybe we don’t really need them, but I am trying to jump start the process.

The idea is to feed the cells and mitochondria the nutrients that a normal modern diet lacks and avoid any possible food allergies (hence the no wheat, milk or eggs).

We have both lost weight. Not a lot, but progressive.

Mrs saw her hematologist yesterday. For years she has been battling blood deficiencies related MS, diabetes, medications: low red blood cell count, low hematocrit, low iron, low platelet count. I’m other words … hypohemia. In addition to the low platelet count slowing wound healing time, the other deficiencies result in poor oxygenation of the brain. Over the past few years (and this year) she has received transfusions and EPO (a blood doping drug banned in competitive sports).

After reviewing the results of her blood work, her doctor asked “What changed??? Your numbers are the best I have ever seen for you.”

Today she began house cleaning for the first time in years!


11 thoughts on “WP11

    1. Haven’t seen you by in a while (of course I am one to talk). Yes high five. Things are looking up!

      Thanks for stopping by.


      1. I’m still having issues with WP telling me when people are blogging. I’m not sure how to fix this. I’m afraid I’m missing out on a lot of stuff. Seems all I am getting is “blog suggestions”. 😦


      2. what should I do? I actually thought that you were taking some time off to take care of the Mrs., usually I run through the Reader. I will visit your site every day to keep up…if you have ANY suggestions, I would appreciate them!!!


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