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Dark Side of the Moon

LOS (Loss Of Signal) … a term first popularized during the Apollo lunar missions when the astronauts were behind the Moon and out of line-of-sight radio communication with the Earth. Also refers to loss of signal during re-entry when the ionized atmosphere enveloping a returning spacecraft blocks all radio transmissions.

Dark Side of the Moon … that side of the Moon that always faces away from the Earth and is never seen. The side the Apollo astronauts saw during LOS.

“Doug, this is Houston. Do you read? Over?”

” ”

“Doug, this is Houston. Do you read? Over?”

” ”

“Houston, this is Scottsbluff. Doug is confirmed LOS.”

“Roger that, Scottsbuff. LOS.”

“Houston, this is Alliance. We concur with Scottsbluff. Doug has definitely gone Dark Side of the Moon.”

“Roger that, Alliance.”


Where have I been?

Maggie asked me where I had been in a comment to the previous post. 

 Hmm … yeah … well …

Work … home … hospital … doctor appointments … road trip … life.

Mrs was briefly hospitalized due to an MS flare up. Followed by endless doctor appointments.

Despite the drop in the price of oil and the associated domestic oil industry cutbacks and drilling curtailment, I still have a job. Many of my friends and associates weren’t so lucky. Still waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Took a road trip to Denver for a wedding that almost didn’t happen due to a lost pet. Long story.

Saw a big wiener …



Drove through Roswell.


Saw the place I lived in during college. My how it has changed (more on that in a later post).


Ate breakfast near the Denver Capitol.


Drove home through Waco and visited the Texas Ranger Museum then drove out to McGreggor to find the SpaceX test facility.



The guards politely told us to turn around and leave. The guard shack looked new, but they wouldn’t let me take a picture of it or the big SpaceX sign in front of it. Talk about high security. I’ll have to be satisfied with the YouTube tour.

The security was obviously much higher than when this next video was filmed in 2010.